Sunday, October 10, 2010

How to design your PC? Start with processor (CPU )

Let's start with CPU or processor
                 INTEL or AMD ?        
 You have  above the link with over 200.000 CPU Benchmarked .and  depend how much money do you want to spend on PC. you can choose well from there.
            Another link is pricewatch 
            What CPU is the best for you?  dual core? quad core? six core?
            If u work with a lot of video you'll need at least quad core, for games is enough a top line of dual core. Intel E 8400 or  AMD Phenom II X2 560  Both are the beast .
           Usualy, the price for Intel is higher than the AMD
           For comparation, the  best CPU for Desktop Computers are:

Phenom II 1090T Black Edition Six Core Processor - 3.20GHz, 6MB Cache, 2000MHz  is  $279  and

 Core i7 980X Extreme Edition Processor - 3.33GHz, LGA 1366, 6.4GT/s QPI, 12MB L3 Cache is $999       

           the top of the line Dual core are: Intel E 8400   with  $170
                                                          Phenom II X2 560   with ~$100 -  $110
         You must choose wise, depend what do you want to do with  PC


free programs you should have installed on your PC

  First of all u should have installed an antivirus  AVG free 9 is one of the best free programs, and is fast, if you want a pay program, try:  
kaspersky antivirus
  you'll need a browser : Internet explorer
  Google Docs, if u don't have Microsoft Office licence
  Adobe Reader
  VLC media Player
  DivX player
  Skype , yahoo messenger , windows live
  Google Earth

  And    Teamviewer  if you have friends who are good in computers and they can help you if u have problems with pc, online .

 You should know ,  the Hard Drive must be formated and partitioned first ..why?
 if you have a problem with your operating system, and you want to install again a clear operating system, all files from your unpartitioned dard drive will be lost.( pictures, data, movies, music, all )
   so, if you used the Windows CD  u can partition the HDD in 4 pieces.
  Usually, left the operating  system partition between 75-100 GIGS   and the rest of partitions for data

first things you should know about building a PC

  For building a home PC you need this:
1. first thing and the most important is CPU the processor, the'' brain '' of the PC
2. Now if u choose the brain for '' Frankenstein '' it is time to choose the body = mother board or mobo.
    these two pieces are essential for PC, in fact if u have a good mobo with a good CPU, you don't get to have problems for few years
 3. memory for your PC
 4. you need a hard drive or SSD
 5. you need a computer chase
 6. and a power supply
!!!  If you want to build the PC for games, you'll need a Video Card
 7. keyboard and mice
you will need an operating system: Windows or Linux (Linux is Free) open source.
 the best Windows and the fastest is Windows 7

  and a  Monitor of course,

You have two best options to choose your parts: